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Vickie L. Kline

Associate Professor
York College of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Library Association
2001 Annual Conference
October 14, 2001

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Directories of Search Tools
Niche Wars
Something to Talk About
New Ideas

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Search Engines

Vivisimo Search engine
  • Clusters results on the fly
  • Better than Northern Light!
Teoma Search engine
  • Grouped by topic
  • Expert links
iLOR Search engine
  • Requires IE5
  • Anchors
  • My list
  • Saved searches
  • Email lists
WiseNut Search engine
  • Automatic categorization
  • Spam-proof ranking
  • Fast crawling- refreshes once a month
Direct Hit Search engine
  • Calculates relevancy by search habits of others
  • Related Searches
  • Owned by AskJeeves


Web Directories

Links2Go Searchable web directory
  • More specific topics
  • More general topics
Joe Ant Web directory
  • Volunteers
  • Brief annotations
  • Whois for authority
LLEK-Bookmarks Web directory
  • Browse by discipline
  • Collections of search engines and journals
  • Recommended sites
  • Emphasis on scientific search engines
  • English and German
Digital Librarian Web directory
  • Librarian recommended sites
  • Annotations
  • Many categories



  • More international content
  • Selection of search engines not typical
  • Good results
Researchville Parallel Metasearcher
  • Targeted metasearching
  • Separate windows


Directories of Search Tools

Fossick Directory of search engines and metasearcher
  • Includes good selection of niche engines
LookOff Directory of search engines
  • Best to browse categories
  • Tips
  • Search engine news
  • Needs more topic areas
Search Engine Guide Search engine and Web directory for Search engines
  • Looks like Yahoo
  • 3381 search engines

Search Engines World Wide

  • Search engines by country


Niche Wars

ExLibris Directory
  • Digital special collections
  • Historical documents
  • Early publications and manuscripts
Censuslinks Directory
  • Links to online censuses (censi?)
  • Mostly U.S., but some international
  • Sort by title, date, rating, popularity
  • Second number - links in category
Lexicool Directory
  • Translating dictionaries and glossaries
  • About 60 languages
  • Some subject specific


(Movie Review Query Engine)

Search engine
  • Movie reviews
  • Search by title only
  • Links to IMDb
PlacesNamed Search engine
  • Geographic names and surnames
  • Includes population, zip code, geographic coordinates, etc. for some
AgriSurf Directory
  • Agriculture
  • Searchable
  • International!
Engineering E-journal Search Engine Search engine
  • Part of EEVL
  • Searches free engineering ejournals
All Academic Search engine
  • Academic ejournals and conference proceedings
  • Still relatively small
Clickey Search engine
  • Top level domains
  • Search partners
Name Droppers Search engine
  • Domain names


Something to Talk About

Daypop Search engine
  • Searches both news sites and blogs
  • Get facts and opinions about current events
GoogleGroups Search engine
  • Replaces DejaNews
BoardReader Search engine
  • Message boards and forums
  • Mostly recreational
  • Click on category first!



Amazing Picture Machine Search engine
  • Images
FindSounds Search engine
  • Sound effects
  • Formats: AIFF, AU, WAVE
History and Politics Out Loud Search engine
  • Archive of audio files
  • Speeches, addresses and telephone conversations
  • Includes transcripts
WorldWave Search engine
  • Video transcripts
Akoo Directory
  • Internet radio stations
  • Streaming media
  • Choose genre
StreamSearch Search engine and directory
  • Streaming media
Lycos Multimedia Search engine
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Audio


New Ideas! 




  • Combines Open Directory Project with Deep Web
Inxight "Star Tree" browser
  • Visual directories
ERIC Search Wizard Thesaurus aid
  • Keyword entry into ERIC Thesaurus
  • Automatically moves selected terms into search!
SearchSpell Spelling aid
  • Select best spelling
  • submit to search affiliates
WordNet Synonym finder
  • "A lexical database for the English language"
  • Not designed for your average user!




Keeping Track

Search IQ Web site
  • Ranks search engines
  • Reviews
  • Groups by category and subjects Web Site
  • Companion to The Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research
  • Weekly newsletter available
  • Links to news sites go stale quickly
Search Engine Showdown Web Site
  • Feature comparisons
  • Size comparisons
  • Overlap
  • Dead Links
  • News 
Search Engine Watch Web Site
  • Web Searching Tips
  • Search Engine Lists
  • Reviews, Ratings & Tests
  • Search Engine News


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